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    Modern, inspiring workplaces with a visually appealing interior are highly popular and can be found in many organisations. Regardless of the location, the way an office is designed affects not just people’s experience but also their mood, behaviour, productivity and everything in between. That’s why the design of, and facilities within, an office are no longer considered a luxury, but a necessity.

    This new environment is also having a major influence on demand for professional means of visual presentation that fit seamlessly into workplaces and offices. In response to this, Legamaster is launching its new line of Mobile Glassboards.


    new ways of working

    Designed for the new ways of working


    Quality at a glance


    Legamaster mobile glassboards are available in four different colours, so there’s always a model that will go perfectly with any given office interior. Complete with a large magnetic glass work surface on both sides, the boards are ideal for intensive, long-term use. What’s more, these glassboards are a response to the increasing demands to be able to write without restriction. Just like standard glassboards, these mobile versions are a high-quality Legamaster product with a 25-year guarantee for both work surfaces. 

    Enjoy the experience

    Enjoy the experience


    For an all-round experience, Legamaster offers users a wide range of practical, high-quality accessories, such as the Glassboard Starter Kit. Other products include the new Legamaster Agile Toolbox which contains a full set of accessories for agile meetings and scrum sessions, as well as the special magnetic Glassboard accessory holders.


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