Meeting Kit Deluxe,
Meet Perfection

Meeting Kit Deluxe for flexible and effective collaboration. Meetings used to be rather dull and one-dimensional. These days, workshops, scrum, brainstorming and other sessions need to be dynamic and productive. What’s more, the focus should be on active involvement and creative output.

That’s why Legamaster International B.V. has introduced the new Meeting Kit Deluxe. The premium, all-in kit comes complete with means of visual communication for any session in any meeting room.

Boost your meeting room with the new Legamaster Meeting Kit Deluxe.


Meeting ‘Room Service’

Make meetings more effective, more flexible and more interactive in office environments, hotels and conference centres. Successful collaboration and innovation call for meetings with more involvement and greater interaction. Legamaster Meeting Kit Deluxe is the ideal solution.

This versatile kit is quick and easy to use. A practical, quality product for added Meeting ‘Room Service’.


Everything you need, in a stylish box

This kit contains over 40 high-quality items to ensure every meeting is a success. Water-resistant markers, whiteboard markers, erasers, cleaners, magnets, tape, Magic-Chart Notes, a Laser-presenter and more besides. All conveniently packed in a stylish box.

Meeting Kit Deluxe is an essential accessory for any professional meeting room.


Customer benefits and solutions

  • Ease of use /-installation
  • Availability
  • Professionalism
  • Premiumness
  • Practicality
  • Hospitality

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