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    Unbox your meeting!

    Magic-Charts are ready-to-use, static writing sheets that enable you to turn any workshop, scrum or brainstorm session into what it should be: interaction-based, dynamic and effective.

    Magic-Charts turn any room into a collaborative workspace and enable you to unbox your meetings. Simply stick them on any flat surface and start visualising your ideas when brainstorming, mind-mapping, planning or teaching. The possibilities are endless!

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    Having good visualisation tools at hand can be a real challenge, especially if you do not work in the same office or classroom every day...or if you want to have a creative session outside the boardroom. With Magic-Charts you can make sure that you always come prepared, that everyone can participate and that you can start collecting ideas straight away.

    All you need is a flat surface, e.g. a wall, window or door, and everyone can immediately visualise their ideas when working on projects or assignments. This automatically sparks creativity, encourages interaction and ensures that your message sticks with the participants.

    Move your ideas

    By writing down or sketching an idea, you encourage the potential for new insights and perspectives. Once the discussion evolves, you can easily move and reposition the Magic-Charts. It's just like analogue swiping. When you are done, you can easily take the Magic-Charts with you and move on to your next session.

    The Magic-Chart portfolio includes ready-to-use writing sheets in different sizes and a wide range of designs to support different types of meetings and working methods. Of course, you can also combine different Magic-Charts when you are planning, teaching or brainstorming.

    Take your Magic-Charts anywhere

    The large Magic-Charts (60x80 cm) come in a handy cardboard packaging with a foldable grip. In order to make the transportation even more convenient, Legamaster also offers the Magic-Chart carry tube – a sturdy black tube with an adjustable strap. It is ideal for trainers, coaches and other professionals who work in different locations.

    With the Magic-Chart carry tube, you have your hands free when you are on the road and you can easily prepare your Magic-Charts before your meeting or take them with you afterwards.

    Magic-Chart Overview

    TypeMagic-Chart 60x80 cmMagic-Chart Notes A4Magic-Chart Notes 10x20 cm
    Perfect forplanning, brainstorming, drawingplanning, brainstorming, drawingtaking notes, mind mapping, playing games
    Look5 designs2 designs5 colors
    Designswhiteboard, flipchart, paperchart, blackboard, clearboardwhiteboard, flipchartpink, yellow, white, green, blue
    Matching markerincludedincludedincluded
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