18 March 2021   6953   4 min

Share your story with Magic-Chart - Luca Sgalla

Initially, we developed our Magic-Charts as a flexible whiteboard or flipchart for meetings and workshops of any size. Since their introduction, they have been an all-time favorite of many trainers, teachers and other professionals, who use them for thousands of different use cases in their professional and personal life. Here is the example of Luca Sgalla, who uses them for short tutorials about the human body on Instagram.

How did you discover Magic-Charts?

"I discovered them by chance through my mother’s company. Since then, I started to use the flipchart version. I am a physiotherapist and I study to become an osteopath, too. I use the Magic-Charts in explanatory videos that I shoot for my Instagram account. In the video’s, I explain body issues and I sum up the most essential parts on the Magic-Charts to make it easier to understand the concept.

Next to the video tutorials, I also use them in my everyday life for remembering major concepts about what I am currently studying. Writing and drawing makes it a lot easier for me to understand and memorize the new information."

What do you like most about them?

"I love the simplicity: write, erase, write, stick to whatever surface you can, done!

It’s an electrostatic chart, so you don’t need anything to stick it to any surface. You can simply start to write on it. When you don’t need it anymore, you can just dispose it and start with a new one. And if you don’t want to throw it away? You can just roll it, put it back in the packaging and continue to use it later on."


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