26 April 2022   4340   3 min

Lyreco and Legamaster: a sustainable partnership

Name:Juliette Grimonprez
Position:Product Manager
Location:Marly (France)


Juliette Gromonprez Lyreco France
Why does Lyreco
have an eco-friendly approach?

Working with respect is a fundamental value at Lyreco, no matter if it concerns our customers, our partners, our employees or our planet. For years, we have been striving to improve our environmental impact and to raise the general awareness of the people we work with. This is done through simple daily actions that make a difference, but also through strong ambitions around local sourcing, reducing packaging, selecting recyclable products and developing partnerships and projects around the circular economy.

Sustainable development is part of Legamaster's identity, and is an essential aspect of product development and continuous improvement. Through certain ranges, such as WOODEN accessories, we can offer our customers green alternatives to everyday consumer products and thus give them value and virtue. FSCĀ® certification ensures that the wood used in production comes from forests that are sustainably managed.

How does Legamaster meet Lyreco's needs in this respect?
Would you recommend our solutions and working with Legamaster and why?

Working methods and challenges in business have changed significantly since the health crisis. With the emergence of home office working, the corporate workspace is changing and becoming more and more collaborative. Whereas the home is the ideal place to carry out tasks that require concentration, the office is becoming a place for exchange, meeting, collaboration, brainstorming... a place to build up social contacts. Legamaster is very conscious of trends and end-user needs, which enables us to offer our customers relevant products that meet their current needs. WALL-UP boards are a good example of this: an XXL writing surface for exchanges and interactions, a real enabler for project groups. Here at Lyreco, we have equipped several rooms with these writing surfaces. They are used on a daily basis, becoming an essential component for gathering ideas, testing hypotheses and helping to understand projects.

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