14 December 2021   3616   2 min

Legamaster partners with Now Connected Co-working

Co-working spaces are playing a more prominent role than ever in the hybrid work reality. They are the ideal base for anyone who wants to work in a professional and inspiring work environment. Add some interesting social interaction on top of that and you need neither your old office, nor your own kitchen or dining table....

Co-working space Now Connected, under the wings of Oihana, also sees the added value of this business. This Parisian gem offers a range of beautiful workplaces and chose Legamaster as its partner for visual communication solutions. A match made in heaven...

Meet Oihana...

Oihana is the Community Builder of the Now Connected co-working space in La Garenne Colombes, Paris. A brand new 1400 m2 space with a capacity of 183 fixed workstations. The space offers offices, co-working spaces and meeting rooms in a stylish and comfortable design environment. Its location in La Défense is optimal.

To equip their four meeting rooms, Now Connected relies on Legamaster, experts in visual communication solutions. Each meeting room optimally facilitates collaboration, giving presentations or remote working with an interactive touchscreen.


Why did Oihana and the Now Connected team choose Legamaster?

First and foremost, to facilitate the work of people working in their co-working space and optimize the efficiency of meetings.

What is the benefit of interactive touchscreens?

Oihana: "With the integrated whiteboard application, you can work and brainstorm efficiently as a team, while keeping a digital version of the ideas presented. With the wireless screen sharing option, it is also possible to project content from a smartphone, PC, Mac or tablet directly onto the interactive screen, without cables.

The image quality is also a plus, allowing a presentation to be projected via Wi-Fi or cable with optimal image quality. We now have a complete solution for efficient and interactive meetings!"

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