08 October 2020   1462   5 min

Legamaster certified with FSC® and PEFC™ Ecolabels

Legamaster International B.V. is now certified according to FSC and PEFC standards. By obtaining these certifications, Legamaster has proved that its entire product supply chain complies with the FSC and PEFC standards, from manufacturing the visual communication products to further processing and logistics. Diana Nijendijk, Product Marketing Manager, and Rohalt Bergsma, Quality Manager, explain why Legamaster finds it important to be part of the Chain of Custody.

What is the primary goal of FSC and PEFC?

Diana: “The primary goal of FSC and PEFC is to document and improve sustainable forest management with view to economical, ecological and social standards. The Chain of Custody certifications confirm that all owners within the product chain – from the forest to the consumer - are certified. This guarantees for consumers that the products bearing the FSC or PEFC label really come from certified and responsibly managed forests.”

Why does Legamaster want to be part of the Chain of Custody?

Diana: "Environmental awareness is part of our company DNA. Paper, board and wood are renewable resources, and we believe that it is our responsibility to manage and use our planet's resources in a sustainable and responsible way.”

Rohalt: “As we had already obtained the ISO 14001:2015 certification, it felt like a natural next step to also apply for the FSC and PEFC Chain of Custody certifications. We attach great importance to using ecologically compatible materials and processes. This spans the entire product chain: from purchasing to production, packaging and logistics.”

Why did Legamaster apply for FSC and PEFC and not one of the them?

Rohalt: “Both global organizations stand for the promotion of responsible forestry, but only having one of the certifications would limit us, because our suppliers typically have one or the other certification. Having both certifications offers us more flexibility in our product development and most importantly offers our customers a larger variety of sustainable products.”

How is that linked to Legamaster’s corporate policy?

Diana: “For Legamaster, green certifications are the basis for our responsible corporate policy. We see protecting the climate and the environment as a challenge and a chance for us to show new economic ways for environmentally sustainable developments in technology and production processes. And we are determined to be a frontrunner in this development, because we truly care about a green future.”


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