02 November 2021   4124   4 min

In the spotlight: Magic-Charts

Magic-Charts have always been especially popular with teachers and (agile) coaches ever since their introduction. Yet they have in fact never been more relevant than now, because most professionals are not working from home 100% anymore. They increasingly combine working from home with working from the office or other locations. This new reality of hybrid working raises the need for solutions that enable easy visualisation wherever you are. Here is how Magic-Charts can help you to have effective collaborative sessions and take your work with you everywhere you go.

1. Unbox your meeting

Nowadays, it is likely that you will regularly meet up with others for a physical brainstorm or project meeting. But why should you meet up in a traditional meeting room? There are many other options that might be even more practical or inspiring! With Magic-Chart, you can bring a whiteboard to any meeting – no matter if you are in a ‘real’ boardroom, near the coffee machine, in a co-working space, café or train station.

2. Sticks to any flat surface

With Magic-Charts, you can turn any door, wall or window into a writing surface. They can also easily be moved around and removed when you are done. The sheets stick to any flat surface by means of a static charge – there is no need for tape or glue. That means that you immediately have a large writing surface whenever you want to visualize something. You are ready for action within two seconds.

You see, with Magic-Charts you always come prepared. You can even get set at home, take them with you and stick the Magic-Charts on the walls before the meeting starts. This will also immediately make the participants wonder what is about to happen.

3. Continue the next day

Do you ever have meetings with your team or customers in the office one day and you are back in the home office the next day? Then you probably know how challenging it can be to take the results from the meetings back to your home office and continue with the outcomes. After your meetings, you can simply fold up the Magic-Charts, take them home and stick them on your own home office walls so you have the whole gallery of ideas, tasks and priorities around you.

4. Work while standing

It is definitely not easy to raise the number of steps we take during our work day – especially in the home office. Why not change your location and position throughout the day based on the tasks you are working on? With Magic-Charts, you can get away from the computer, work while standing and easily move to another room. Simply remove them from one wall and stick them on another wall. Done for the day? Just move the Magic-Charts out of sight and enjoy your evening.

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