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In the spotlight: Legamaster Flipcharts!

Flipcharts, an indispensable tool to strengthen your presentation, to visualize difficult subjects and to note down action points. Legamaster flipcharts make collaboration and presentation even easier thanks to a number of practical features.

Side arms: hold on to all your ideas

A number of Legamaster flipcharts have two side arms. This means that you can use three sheets at once to get your message across.

Accessory holder: for the right accessories

Does your story ask for many different pens and markers? No problem! All our flipcharts are equipped with a marker tray. Some of them are even just as wide as the entire flipchart.

Out of sight for everyone

Legamaster has thought of everything: simply hang your jacket or bag on the hook at the back. Nothing is in the way and you can start your presentation right away!

Magnetic, writable and erasable

Out of paper? No problem! The enameled or lacquered steel surface can also be used as a whiteboard. The whiteboard surface is magnetic and erasable. Of course only if you use whiteboard markers when drawing on the surface.

Three questions to help you choose your ideal flipchart:

1. Which base fits best in my (office) surrounding?

    Tripod base
◼ Ideal solution for in a corner of the room
◼ Takes limited space when stored

    Mobile base
◼ Easily movable from room to room
◼ Requires limited floor space when in use
Legamaster offers height-adjustable bases so you can set it at the perfect height for your needs.

2. Also use of your flipchart as a whiteboard?

   Choose the right surface.
◼ Enamel steel surface; ideal for frequent and long term whiteboard use and scratch resistant
◼ Lacquered steel surface; ideal for frequent whiteboard use with board markers
◼ Melamine surface; writable and dry wipeable with board markers

    Ergonomical tips
◼ A curved writing surface gives your hand extra support while you are writing
◼ We advise height-adjustable flipcharts in case of frequent use

3. What additional features are important to you?

    Enlarge space to present your notes with extendable magnetic side arms
◼ Flexibility to suit all standard paper pad formats with adjustable paper hooks
◼ Mount without additional tools with tool-free mounting flipcharts
◼ Store your markers in a robust marker tray
◼ A handy jacket/bag hook at the back of the flipchart

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