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Home office favourites

Working from home is a weekly habit for many of us, but how do you organise your work in such a way that you are the most effective and efficient? At home, as in the office, visual communication tools can play an important role in organising your work. Here is an overview of our "home office favourites":

The temporary whiteboard solution for any space

Magic-Chart whiteboard foil 60x80cm

With Magic-Chart, you can turn any door, wall or window into a writing surface, which can also be easily moved to another location or fully be removed when you are done. The whiteboard sheets stick on any flat surface by means of a static charge. As the name 'whiteboard' indicates, these type of Magic-Charts can be used with erasable board markers and be used over and over again.

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Frameless whiteboards for the modern home office

BOARD-UP frameless whiteboards

Side by side, on top of each other or in a pattern. Easily create your own unique whiteboard wall in no time using Board-Up. Combine multiple boards and mount them horizontally or vertically to create a large magnetic writing surface that is a real eyecatcher too.

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Indispensable for a good planning

ECONOMY whiteboards

In order to be able to organise your work at home, a whiteboard is indispensable. Keep your planning and appointments in sight or use the whiteboard to visualise your to-do list.

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Keep the whiteboard in top condition

TZ66 board cleaner 100 pieces

When using a whiteboard intensively, it is essential to clean it regularly. TZ66 board cleaner wipes are the easiest solution for this. The disposable wipes contain our high-quality board cleaner, making it easy to clean whiteboards.

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Write it down and categorise

TZ1 board marker assorted 6pcs

Who doesn't know the problem: where are the whiteboard markers when you need them? With this handy case with 6 different markers, you always have the right colour at hand. The different colours also come in handy when you want to categorise tasks or information.

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Sticky notes without adhesive

Magic-Chart notes

Taking notes ensures that the head doesn't get overcrowded. By visualising these notes and hanging them on the walls, door or windows around you, you prevent that important to-do's are being forgotten. Magic-Chart notes can be used with erasable board markers as well as permanent markers. The notes stick on any flat surface by means of a static charge. That means that they are easy to move around and also easy to remove without leaving any glue residue.

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