18 January 2022   3410   2 min

EU Ecolabel certifications for whiteboards

Legamaster has recently been awarded with EU Ecolabel certifications for the PREMIUM PLUS and PROFESSIONAL whiteboards. The EU Ecolabel was introduced by an EU regulation in 1992 and it is the official European Union label for environmental excellence that is awarded to products meeting high environmental standards throughout their life-cycle: from raw material extraction, to production, distribution and disposal.

New EU Ecolabel criteria

The European Commission recently adopted new EU Ecolabel criteria for whiteboards in order to help direct consumers towards reliable and certified green visual communication products while supporting the transition to a clean and circular economy.

We are honored and proud to be the first brand, which complies with the newly defined EU criteria with our PREMIUM PLUS and PROFESSIONAL whiteboards as this is the next major milestone on our journey towards offering the most eco-friendly collaboration solutions to our customers.

Green choice

We build up all our whiteboards with a strong core made out of FSC- or PEFC-certified wood or (honeycomb) board. FSC and PEFC both stand for responsible forestry, guaranteeing that the forest-based materials within our certified products come from a sustainably managed forest and controlled sources.

With the EU Ecolabel certifications, the PREMIUM PLUS and PROFESSIONAL whiteboards now are the first whiteboards in our portfolio that take it even one step further. The EU Ecolabel stands for environmental excellence, confirming that these whiteboards are sustainably designed products that have a lower environmental impact than comparable products.

Our green journey continues

As part of the edding Group, we have a long tradition in taking a holistic approach towards sustainability. Green features also run as a ‘green thread’ through our entire product portfolio - from accessories to whiteboards and paper products and more. 

Where possible, we also let this be confirmed by official green certifications such as FSC, PEFC or EU Ecolabel. However, not every green initiative is quantifiable. That’s why we have summarized the highlights here so you can easily find the most eco-friendly solutions for your workplace.

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