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Create inspiring learning experiences

So simple - so helpful. Designing lessons for the generation of "digital natives" presents new challenges - and opportunities - for today's teachers. Nothing is compulsory and everything is possible. Especially with digital Legamaster solutions for schools.

Our flexible solutions can be easily adapted to the requirements of your school and its classrooms. The touchscreens, with or without whiteboard side panels, help teachers to organise their teaching duties in a modern and efficient way according to their ideas. Our solutions are uncomplicated and intuitive to use to enable teachers to optimally use their pedagogical and professional competence and prepare their students for the digitalised world.


Meet our ETX-20 platform

Transform any teaching material or presentation into a highly effective interactive experience with our ETX-20 touchscreens. Due to the embedded Android environment, the ETX offers a ready-to-use experience. The most used applications such as a digital whiteboard, document-camera and casting app are already pre-programmed. For those looking to expand their ETX experience, we offer an app store with millions of apps.

Of course, the ETX also offers the possibility to use a Legamaster OPS computer or connect an external computer. As a result, users and administrators can create a platform that best suits their wishes. The ETX touchscreen has proven itself to be one of our most powerful teacher-friendly solutions, adaptable to any school environment. Adjust the screen to your wishes, combine different accessories and discover new ways of teaching.


Facilitate interaction with UBoardMate CC

All ETX-20 touchscreens come with a free licence for UBoardMate CC (1 licence per screen), which is a user-friendly teaching and in-class collaboration software. The software offers an intuitive interface and provides smooth realistic writing. It has built-in rich resources and gadgets, which provide all the functional modules to facilitate interaction between teachers and students.

  • Compatible with standard office documents such as PowerPoint or PDF documents
  • Easily insert any video or image via the integrated browser or file manager
  • Prepare lessons upfront on your own laptop or computer
  • Record your lessons for afterwards sharing

Note: To download and install UBoardMate CC, you will need a Windows environment, for example with an OPS computer. In case you have already purchased a Legamaster screen and you are interested in UBoardMate CC, please contact your dealer.

Customize your teaching tools

Did you know that we offer fully custom-printed side panels as a fun and practical addition for your ETX touchscreen? By printing your school or university logo, class rules or most-used templates on the side panels, you can give your classrooms or lecture halls a personal touch and create a great learning experience. The custom-printed side panels are compatible with the 75 inch and 86 inch touchscreens of the ETX-20 series.

The four extra whiteboard surfaces also allow you to prepare your lessons upfront or easily pick up a marker and start drawing, sketching or writing during your lesson. To complete your side-panels, you can add a side panel lock set. With this set, you can lock the side panels to protect your screen against unauthorized access.


Build your perfect teaching solution

Legamaster does not ‘just’ offer great touchscreens. We build complete solutions. Choose from our extensive line of electrical and manual height-adjustable or fixed mounting solutions. Combine your screen with one of our video conferencing solutions or tools like erasers and styli to really transform your classroom into a collaborative wonderland. You can for example:

  • Put the power of Windows in your ETX-20 touchscreen to get access to the incredible capabilities of Microsoft Office
  • Add a soundbarsubwoofer and an EasyFix video conferencing camera to complete your remote or hybrid classroom environment
  • Increase the ease of use and reduce the power consumption with a Proximity sensor, which automatically turns the screens on and off based on movements in the room
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