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Care & Share: Create a flexible and safe workshop setup

When working in the office, many professionals want to use the time to meet and connect with their colleagues. While a lot of meetings can effectively be held via video conferencing, an important reason to come to the office is that certain meetings are simply more effective face-to-face. Examples are workshops or brainstorm sessions to come up with a new product, service or plan. But how can you organize these sessions in a flexible and safe way? Here, the PREMIUM PLUS divider boards of our Care & Share range come in. With these mobile boards, you can set up a safe workspace environment in a few seconds and provide enough visualisation space for everyone.

Set up your workspace

The mobile, double-sided boards can flexibly be arranged, which makes it possible to set up a workshop environment in any room. Collaborate with several people at the same time at an appropriate distance by easily linking several boards to quickly adapt any space to your needs. Linking two or more boards is extremely easy, because you can simply slide one foot over the other at any angle. Once you have found the perfect setup, simply use the brake on the coasters to make sure the boards stay on the same spot.

Visualise ideas

Do you want to write or draw on flipchart paper, a whiteboard or small notes? It’s up to you! To visualise your ideas, you can write directly on the board surface or use magnets to attach paper. Another option is to click the paper hooks on the board and add a flipchart paper pad.

A third option is to use Magic-Chart Notes. These colourful notes stick to the board surface without glue and can easily be moved around, which makes them perfect for taking notes and sketching ideas during brainstorm sessions.

Stay safe

If you want people to work next to each other, you can also put a transparent plexiglass divider board in the middle for extra protection. You can even integrate this board into your workshop, because also this board surface can be used for visualisation, e.g. with Magic-Chart Notes or by adding a flipchart paper pad.

After each use, we advise to immediately clean the surface by using an appropriate disinfectant like these disposable wipes that come in a handy dispenser. An alternative is to use a cleaning spray. For the best results, combine the cleaning spray with a Microfiber cloth to optimally clean the surface and wash the cloth at 60° after use. More cleaning tips...

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