24 October 2018   8542   2 min

Architect Jorrit Hulshof: “A big screen is more convincing”

How do you present a 3D building design convincingly to clients? Maas Architecten, architects and interior designers, discovered that tablets and laptops were too small for this. So they looked for a better alternative.

Architects are increasingly designing buildings with computers. The designs are also increasingly presented to clients digitally. “In the past, we always showed visuals - 3D sketches - on a tablet or laptop, but their screens are really small. That’s why we moved over to bigger screens”, explains architect Jorrit Hulshof.

Picturing requirements

Once we’d gained the necessary inspiration, we had a good idea of our requirements: we preferred a touchscreen so we could make notes in documents, plus an Internet connection to be able to share the documents.” At the end of last year, Maas Architecten visited the Legamaster headquarters to explore the possibilities.

Best fit

Following a demonstration of various screens, Maas Architecten opted for the Legamaster e-Screen STX-5810. “The dimensions of these screens are the best fit for our meeting rooms and display excellent 3D images thanks to the 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution.” The screens are equipped with Flipbox software, allowing drawings to be created and mobile devices to be connected to the big screen with ease.

No more hassle with cables

Jorrit Hulshof believes that Flipbox offers several advantages: “You can load a document, create drawings and save them quickly. It’s now much easier to share information from other devices wirelessly, and we’re spared the problem of having the wrong cables at hand.”

Presentation cabinet

To fully integrate the screens in the office design, Maas Architecten even designed presentation cabinets that fit perfectly around the screens. They are very pleased with their STX screens: “We find that we are now better able to present our 3D designs to our clients. It’s easier for them to take in the design on a larger screen, and the experience is better.”