13 July 2021   1720   6 min

AirServer Connect 2: Let’s connect again

Find out more about the AirServer Connect 2 – the next generation wireless screen mirroring solution for meeting rooms and classrooms. Jasper van Veen, Product Marketing Manager at Legamaster, explains how you can benefit from a wireless solution, what the new features are and why the AirServer Connect 2 is a best-in-class solution for businesses and schools.

Many people have a screen casting solution at home to make a wireless connection between their tablet or smartphone and their TV. Can you explain what the difference is between such a screen casting solution at home and a professional screen mirroring solution like the AirServer?

“There a several key differences. First of all, the screen casting solutions at home typically either require an app download, for example the Google Chromecast, or only work with specific devices, for example the Apple TV, which is only compatible with Apple devices. The AirServer Connect 2 works out-of-the-box with AirPlay, Google Cast and Miracast, which means that you can easily connect with any Apple, Android or Windows device.

The second major difference is that you can only share one screen at a time at home. With the AirServer, you can connect with 9 people at the same time with the same quality and speed. This helps facilitate a more participant-centered approach during face-to-face meetings and lessons. Take for example brainstorm sessions and project meetings where different people want to share their ideas or results simultaneously to the large screen.

The third major difference is that with the AirServer, you can actually work on the document if you share it to a touchscreen with the so-called touchback functionality in Miracast. That means that what you share is not static, but you can actually collaborate in the file, take notes and make edits.

The AirServer Connect 2 perfectly fits the Bring-Your-Own-Device reality in offices and schools, where employees and students bring in their personal laptops, tablets or smartphones and want to be able to share their content without any hassle."

The AirServer Connect 2 is the next generation AirServer. What are the new features and benefits?

“Just like the 1st generation, the AirServer Connect 2 works out-of-box without any additional hardware or apps. What is new however, is the really small size as the AirServer Connect 2 is only 25% of the original size while the performance is even better.

The AirServer Connect 2 also offers a newly designed user interface, which makes it even more intuitive to use, and a secure all-in-one cloud management system. The IT department can now easily connect to all AirServers in their network and check, update or reboot them remotely if needed.

Another new feature is the possibility to also use the AirServer as a solution for narrowcasting or digital signage with HTML5 compatibilities. That means that you can remotely control what you want to show on each individual screen throughout the building and easily share messages directed towards your employees, customers or students. That can basically be anything you want – a welcome message at the entrance, agenda’s, branding messages or relevant health and safety information.”

The AirServer Connect 2 is a wireless screen mirroring solution. What benefits does that offer?

“The main benefit is that you never have to worry about cables and adapters again. Anyone can instantly connect their own device by simply scanning a QR code.

That means that you can set up presenters within a few seconds and allow for spontaneous contributions during your meetings and lessons without the danger of significant downtimes, because cables are missing or not matching.

This is of course also especially relevant right now as social distancing measures due to COVID-19 remain in place and still need to be prioritized in school and office environments.

With AirServer, anyone can simply connect from anywhere in the room, move around freely and disconnect when they want to stop sharing without touching anything but their own device.”

What about the security of the AirServer Connect 2?

“Already during the design phase of the first generation, security has been taken into account as a top priority with a focus on finding the right balance between security and user-friendliness. With a solution that makes it possible to connect different devices, it is of course essential to ensure that the hosts and users are optimally protected against malware, hackers and eavesdroppers. That's why the AirServer has all the mirroring related security features that are offered by an Apple TV, Chromecast and Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter.

AirServer also offers a password-protected online device management system that can only be accessed by the IT department or other assigned individuals. Within this device management system, you can manage different access control methods such as pin or password supported by AirPlay, Google Cast and Miracast. Last but not least, the AirServer Connect 2 has its own WiFi guest hotspot. This means that nobody needs to access the WiFi network of your company or school.”

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