08 April 2021   1207   7 min

6 ways to tailor your workspace to your needs with ELEMENTS desk dividers

So many tasks, projects, deadlines and so many distractions. Distractions can be noise or movements near your desk, but also stuff lying around or to do’s that keep on popping up in your head. Do you recognize that? That’s why it is incredibly important that your personal workspace optimally supports you in feeling comfortable, being focused and staying productive throughout the day. Here’s how our new ELEMENTS desk divider range enables you to fully tailor your workspace to your needs.

1. Choose your setup

The ELEMENTS desk divider range includes different types and sizes that enable you to set up the workspace how you want. Do you like to have a whiteboard at hand to make a quick drawing or take notes, do you prefer to have a pinboard near you or rather a transparent board so you can see what is happening around you? Easily mix & match the different desk dividers and change the setup whenever you want. The ELEMENTS desk dividers can simply be placed or mounted on top of your desk without the need to drill any holes.

2. Stay safe

While many of us long to return to the office after months of remote working due to COVID-19, we also want to feel safe when we work in the same space with others again. To facilitate the safe return to the office, the ELEMENTS desk dividers create a functional separation between desks. This physical barrier makes it possible to collaborate safely with colleagues. And even better - the boards can also be used to take notes and share ideas – at a safe distance.

3. Stay focused

Staying focused on the tasks at hand is one of the major challenges for people working in (open) offices. The constant background noise of people moving around, calling, talking or laughing can make it really challenging to concentrate. Here, the ELEMENTS acoustic pinboards can support you in two ways, because they make it possible to create your own private corner and effectively reduce the noise around you thanks to their sound-absorbing PET core.

4. Express yourself

Personalising your workspace can really help to boost your productivity and well-being. Surround yourself with little things, pictures and tools that brighten up your day. Attach notes or pictures with magnets and write your favorite quote, a reminder or to-do list on the whiteboard. Or how about using a magnetic strip to attach anything to the whiteboard surface, for example your favorite souvenir or a small plant?

5. Get organised

Wouldn’t it be neat to always have all your notes and to do’s within sight and all your markers, magnets and other tools within reach? Simply attach the WOODEN accessories to the boards and get rid of all the clutter on your desk. By making a habit of always putting everything in the same spot, you will soon discover that you never want to back to your ‘creative’ pile of notes, pictures, pens, markers, headphones, chargers and so forth on your desk.

6. Stay flexible

Not working in the same spot all the time? Simply take your stuff with you at the end of day and wipe the whiteboard clean with the WOODEN eraser. As soon as you have found your new spot, you can easily organise and personalise your workspace again within seconds. Not happy with the whiteboard behind your screen and the pinboard on your left? Simply swap them around – the tool-free mounting makes it easy to change the location over and over again.


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