New generation of flipcharts in the Triangle series


Fine-tuned flipcharts from Legamaster
Paper that doesn’t rip the wrong way when you tear it off. Plenty of space for all your pens and markers. An instant surface to write on without the stress of setting up: the latest generation of highly practical Triangle flipcharts is characterised by a range of neat new features to aid presentations and meetings.

Experience shows that presentation aids should barely be noticeable, offering you support rather than distracting you, enabling you to focus fully on what you are saying. In fact, the flipchart could almost be described as a personal assistant, a key attribute that Legamaster has sought to reinforce during the latest round of modifications to the popular Triangle series of flipcharts. Anyone working with these flipcharts will instantly notice that they are much more than just a large pad of paper.

Legamaster has improved its Triangle flipcharts in a number of different ways. The first thing that strikes you is that the Triangle flipchart is ready for use in a matter of moments – there’s no need for fixing materials or tools. When you’re working with it, there’s much less risk of struggling with paper that refuses to tear off or rips badly. With the introduction of a new paper clamp, sheets can now be torn off effortlessly or flipped back and forth with total ease. And thanks to a highly practical marker tray, there’s plenty of room for pens and markers - all within easy reach.

Smart options
For those who appreciate the versatility of presentation aids, Legamaster offers models with additional ingenious features. Most, for example, aren’t simply flipcharts: they can also be used as whiteboards (when writing on such models, whiteboard markers must be used). If you need lots of different pens and markers for your presentation, there’s even a model with a generous marker tray extending the entire width of the flipchart. Legamaster has thought of everything: if you want to hang up your coat, there’s even a model with an integral hook for your coat or bag.

The latest generation of Triangle flipcharts also offers the qualities and flexibility you’d expect when working with a flipchart. They accept all standard flipchart paper sizes without problem. Magnetic versions are also available, along with models with castors for added mobility, not to mention other practical features such as height-adjustment options. Yet there’s one thing all these models have in common: top Legamaster quality.

Something to suit everyone
Available in a wide range of models – from BASIC to ECONOMY, UNIVERSAL and PROFESSIONAL - the Triangle flipcharts offer all manner of possibilities and are ideal for a whole host of different scenarios, whether it be in schools and educational environments, at company meetings, in creative sessions or during presentations for smaller groups. Contact your Legamaster dealer to find out more about the latest generation of Triangle flipcharts.


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