Coloured Glassboards - the stylish alternative!



New from Legamaster:

Coloured Glassboards - the stylish alternative!

Glassboards are rapidly growing in popularity as an alternative to traditional notice boards and whiteboards. In response to this trend, Legamaster International B.V. is launching its range of Coloured Glassboards. Top quality at a great price. The new glassboards are available in four popular colours. Not only do these glassboards enable anyone to create their own personalised wall space for writing on and adding notices, they also double as an attractive design feature.

Glassboards are multifunctional, magnetic glass panels that can also be written on.  Demand for glassboards is high as they offer a modern, flexible solution for offices, home offices, schools and hotels.  

A splash of colour for your interior

Based on market research, Legamaster is launching its glassboards in the popular colours of red, white, blue and black. They are available in a variety of formats: 40 x 60, 60 x 80, 90 x 120 and 100 x 150 centimetres. The panels are made of rigorously tested safety glass and can be hung in any configuration: side by side, one beneath the other or arranged as a rectangle. Their colour, shape and high-quality appearance mean that Coloured Glassboards will look perfect in any room and will even add that certain something.

Everything you need
It goes without saying that a range of accessories is also available: the glassboards come complete with a marker, special glassboard magnets and fixing materials as standard. Legamaster has even put together a Starter Kit containing 5 markers, 4 magnets, a microfibre cloth and glassboard cleaning spray. These can be purchased together with the boards, ensuring that users have everything to hand.

Seeing is selling
Legamaster’s Coloured Glassboards represent a versatile solution that offers excellent value for money. The new product is the perfect response to today’s growing demand for glassboards. A sample set is available for Legamaster distributors. It includes a sample board in every colour and a fixing kit. Ideal for the showroom. After all, seeing is believing.

Legamaster has been a leading brand in the field of visual communication for over 60 years. The addition of glassboards to our wide range of products was an obvious and logical step. The new Coloured Glassboards will be available from May 2015. The glassboard surface comes complete with a 25-year dry-wipe guarantee.

Contact us for more information and discover for yourself why Legamaster recently won the 2015 Experience award for customer satisfaction.

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