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Legamaster wins a prize with Magic-Chart Notes


Legamaster has won the Best Marketing Campaign prize with the Magic Notes during the "Benelux Office Product Awards".

Statement of the Jury: 

"With the Magic Notes Legamaster brings a touch of magic in every meeting. To introduce this "touch of magic" Legamaster used a wide range of Trade Marketing Tools like advertisements, sales flyers, product videos, samples, product pictures, atmospheric images, a social media kit, datasheets and so on. The campaign gives a clear overview of the solutions that the Magic Notes offers. A striking multi-channel campaign with professional visual support! "!


About Legamaster
Legamaster is a leading brand at the top of the European market for (traditional and digital) means of visual communication. Legamaster is a division of edding AG, the manufacturer of high-quality pens and markers. Legamaster has been designing and selling means of visual presentation and communication for more than 60 years. The product range includes flipcharts, whiteboards, e-Boards and e-Screens.  



For more information about the Magic-Chart Notes please visit our special Magic-Chart Notes landingspage: