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    Meet our new UNITE whiteboard range – the perfect choice for frequent use. The combination of functionality and sustainable features make the UNITE range perfect for offices, classrooms and industry alike.

    The wide range in design and sizes makes UNITE fit easily in any kind of environment. 

    Find the right solution for your (new) office set up, check out the benefits of UNITE or pimp it with the right accessories.

    Our Special: Learn how to get the most out of your UNITE Revolving Plus Board during Daily Stand-Up.

    UNITE with a green heart
    We are truly caring


    The wood used in the boards and packaging is FSC® certified.

    99% Recyclable

    The materials used in the UNITE board range are 99% recyclable.

    Made in EU

    The UNITE board range is made in Europe.


    The UNITE board range is much lighter than comparable solutions in the market, without loosing it's strength.

    UNITE for everyone
    5 solutions - 1 design

    The UNITE board range offers a broad variety of products in one design that can be easily combined - including whiteboards and corkboards. You can choose between wall-mounted or mobile, a conference-unit (with side-panels) and a combi-board (combining a whiteboard and a corkboard).

    The whiteboards are also available in a PLUS-version. The PLUS-versions offer a longer warranty with even better durability. The enamel steel surface is highly scratch-resistand and even easier to clean.

    UNITE your workspace
    Benefits for your way of working

    Workplaces such as meeting-rooms, class rooms, warehouses and production settings are unique, complete your UNITE board with our well-thought-out range of accessories.

    Unite in the Office

    - Spontaneous note-taking during video conferences
    - Visualising or sketching ideas and next steps
    - Capturing key messages

    UNITE in school

    - Teaching playfully
    - Making teaching uncomplicated and interactive
    - Preparing, visualising and keeping content in sight

    UNITE in industry

    - Collaborating flexibly
    - Keeping processes efficient
    - Ensuring transparent information transfer

    Kanban image 1

    Set up of a Kanban board with UNITE PLUS revolving board
    How to boost productivity

    You strive for more clarity in your team's work and want to increase efficiency? We can recommend incorporating a Kanban board into your team's daily stand-ups. It's a simple tool to identify problematic work phases faster, narrow down ongoing tasks and take transparency to a new level. Overall, a Kanban board is a valuable tool for managing and organizing work. By setting it up and using it effectively, you can improve your team's productivity.

    What is a Kanban board?

    Kanban board is a visual tool that can be used to manage and organize work. It provides a clear and simple way to see the current status of work and to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement in the workflow. Using a Kanban board can help teams to be more productive and efficient by providing a shared understanding of the work that needs to be done and the progress that has been made. It can also help to identify and prioritize tasks, and to ensure that work is moving through the different stages of the workflow in a consistent and predictable manner. Reviewing and updating the board regularly, helps to ensure that it accurately reflects the current status of the work.

    We recommend to follow these steps:

    1. Identify the work that will be tracked on the Kanban board. This could be tasks, projects, or anything else that you want to manage and organize.

    2. Create columns on the board to represent the different stages of the work. For example, you might have columns for "To Do", "In Progress", and "Done".

    3. Create cards for each item of work and place them in the appropriate column on the board. As work progresses, move the cards across the board to reflect the current status of the work.

    4. Optional: Consider some space to add the sprint you are currently working in.

    5. Optional: Define a goal for the current sprint*

    Kanban image 2

    * An example of a sprint goal could be: "Improve the user experience on the shopping cart page by implementing a new design and adding a feature that allows customers to save items for later." This goal is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART), which are key characteristics of a good sprint goal. It describes a specific task that the team will work on during the sprint, and it includes a timeline for when the work should be completed. By focusing on a clear goal, the team can work together to ensure that they are making progress and achieving their objectives.

    Kanban image 2

    In Kanban, work is typically represented using cards on a board

    Each card represents a task or piece of work, and the board is divided into columns that represent the different stages of the work process. As tasks move through the process, they are moved from one column to the next, until they are completed.

    One of the key principles of Kanban is to limit the amount of work in progress (WIP). This means that teams should not start new work until they have finished the tasks they are currently working on. This helps to prevent overloading team members and ensures that work is completed efficiently. Kanban can be used in a variety of settings, including software development, manufacturing, and project management. It is a flexible method that can be adapted to fit the needs of different teams and organizations.

    Some tips for using a Kanban board effectively include:

    💡 Involving all team members in the process of creating and using the board. This can help to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals.

    💡 Establishing clear definitions for each column on the board. This can help to prevent confusion and ensure that work is moving through the board in a consistent and predictable manner.

    💡 Setting limits on the number of items that can be in each column. This can help to prevent the board from becoming cluttered and can also help to identify bottlenecks in the workflow.

    💡 Regularly reviewing the board and adjusting it as needed to reflect changes in the work or the workflow. This can help to keep the board accurate and useful.


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