• The future of collaborative workspaces is here!

    The digital transformation of recent years has significantly changed today’s office. Employees went from fixed to flexible workplaces. Seat cushions and huddle rooms were added, and offices changed into social hubs where remote collaboration has become increasingly important.

    Supreme is a new innovative platform that makes your work easier, faster and more creative. We make sure that you can work in a stress-free meeting space, whether it is a brainstorm session, presentation, or a conference call.


    Meet our most user-friendly touch platform!

    User-friendliness has been at the heart of the development process. From direct accessible softkeys printed on the glass and an easy front facing USB port to a home screen that is intuitive and effortless to navigate for all. Supreme is not a ‘no O.S.’ platform, but is deliberately kept simple, which means there are no apps programmed and no built-in WIFI capabilities. This gives you the possibility to customize the screen to your own work preferences. The home screen can be personalized during the installation or changed afterwards.

    • Choose your own home screen layout and your accessible quick inputs
    • Turn your quick inputs on or off on your home screen
    • Choose which quick input symbols you want to have visible on the home screen

    Not only the features are fantastic, but the design is also worth mentioning it. Supreme has a ground-breaking edge design that blends brilliantly within every meeting-room.

    Touchable buttons that make your work effortless

    Having trouble adjusting the volume quickly? Find it difficult to make sense of different sources or how to switch your screen to it?Supreme makes navigating the screen a breeze. It offers a fully customizable home-screen taking users to their desired destination within a snap.

    • Shortcut menu soft-key for quick access to your settings, helpdesk and brightness
    • Legamaster soft-key takes you directly back to your home screen
    • Quick input button for switching between your 2 most used sources


    Discover Best-In-Class Interactive Experience

    You want to write as natural as writing on a paper? Equipped with the newest InGlass™ M5 touchsystem by FlatFrog, no other system matches the speed or accuracy of the touch experience brought by Legamaster Supreme. Not only the speed of the touch system is special, but you also experience no annoying lag when you write on the display.

    And did you know that bonded glass eliminates the gap between glass and panel? This provides a superb and life-like writing experience, increase the viewing angle and reduce your reflections.


    Elegant writing with InGlass™ M5 pen

    The Supreme comes with 2 The InGlass™ pen sets.

    • Very light in your hand and made of high quality material
    • Empowers you to write more accurately than your finger is capable of
    • The pens are double sided
    • Together with the M5 touch system they offer 4 levels of touch recognition (small tip, large tip, finger, palm)

    This combination sets the standard for how digital writing should feel: more intuitive, responsive, and precise than ever before, and with the included palm rejection more natural than ever.


    Teamwork makes the dream work

    You want to have an effective cooperation with your whole team? Not only in the office but also from home? This is not only the ideal interactive video conference solution for your business but also a great touchscreen to take your meetings to a higher level.  Supreme offers a user-friendly interface that gives quick access to your jobs-to-be-done.

    Whether it is working together in FlatFrog Board on the OPS windows 10 environment, videoconferencing or casting personal devices during a meeting using AirServer Connect. Just program your specific work-scenario and Supreme will offer a home screen that will take even the most inexperienced user straight to the right application.

    Video conferencing solution

    Developed for every work situation

    Ever experience the discomfort during a video conference that the camera is not focused on you but on something completely different? Or having problems with blurry inaudible video conference calls? Yes, we feel you!

    Experience no more uncomfortable video meetings with the additional Supreme Conference Camera. This camera snaps magnetically to the top of your screen or to the right, depending on your preference. Connect the Supreme Smartbar to upgrade your sound to superb quality and add automatic human presence detection.

    Would you like to expand the Supreme with more functionality? Here are some of the options we offer:

    It’s more than a Whiteboard

    FlatFrog Board is a collaborative whiteboard solution that turns ordinary meetings into productive sessions whether in the office or at home. Contribute remotely from your laptop and use the same tools as you have in the meeting room.

    • Ideal for project visualization and task tracking and working with Agile, Lean, Pulse or anything in between
    • Get your team set-up quickly and collaborate effectively in-room or across remote sites

    All projects can be instantly accessed by team, besides that you have unlimited pages, pen-on-paper ease, and multi-user support. Get the best out of two worlds and combine your Supreme touchscreen with FlatFrog Board Rooms software for free.

    Create the perfect workspace

    Every meeting-room, huddleroom or boardroom is unique. Complete your Supreme touchscreen with our modern mounting stands and choose between our wide range of accessories.


    Do you want to know more about the Supreme?


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