• Space-Up

    Ideas need plenty of space so they can bubble up to the surface. They pop up like a light being switched on.

    And then, of course, you want to be able to express yourself. That’s where we come in! The Space-Up writing collection offers you an unlimited writing surface so you can think and do big!

    space-up writing collection

    More ideas than writing space? The Space-Up collection provides space for EVERY idea, EVERY budget and EVERY working method!

    Does your project have clarity?
    Whether or not a project is successful largely depends on communication. And that could well be the most difficult aspect of the entire project... 

    How do you ensure good co-operation in class?
    Is it possible to work on a formula together and respond to questions, without running out of space or having to wipe part of the board? 

    Want to brainstorm successfully?
    How do you start up a proper brainstorming session? One which is also effective?

    WRITE it UP

    Visualise to bring the best ideas to life

    Draw, sketch, hang things up or colour in. With the solutions of the Space-Up writing collection you can effortlessly create a whiteboard wall on which the best ideas take shape. From the three options, choose the one that best suits you and your environment.

    • WALL-UP:
      XL whiteboard wall of the highest quality
    • BOARD-UP:
      Combine and create a unique whiteboard wall
    • WRAP-UP:
      This flexible whiteboard can be used on any wall and in any shape

    3 Space-up solutions

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    Mix and Match!

    The Space-Up acoustic pinboards are easy to combine with the Space-Up writing collection. Create unique collaboration walls by combining the Space-Up collections. Use Space-Up acoustic pinboards for pinning inspiration on the wall and start brainstorming on the Space-Up whiteboards with whiteboard markers. A perfect match! Right? The combination of acoustic materials and writing surfaces gives you a perfect balance in the office. The sound is absorbed and you can visualize endlessly on the whiteboard. Easily combine multiple acoustic pinboards or writing boards to create a large collaborative workspace. Think big and release your creativity!

    Easily combine multiple acoustic pinboards or writing boards to create a large collaborative workspace

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    Download the useful decision aid here to find out which solution suits your space best.


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