Service from Legamaster

The close relationship with our customers is our top priority. The basis for this is personal advice including live demo’s and in-depth trainings and of course outstanding service.

Naturally, we design all products with the users in mind in order to make them as user-friendly, durable and reliable as possible. If you have questions about installing, using or maintaining our products, we are always there to help. That’s service from Legamaster!

In the online FAQ knowledge base, you find answers to frequently asked questions about our products and our company. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us.

Warranty registration
Legamaster knows various warranty scheme’s for different users and markets. To be able to service our customers and their Legamaster products to the best of our abilities, we ask our customers to register their products online.

Custom-made whiteboards
In case you have special requirements regarding the size of your whiteboard or if you want to have a custom-printed whiteboard with your own image, template or logo – let’s get in touch. As we develop and produce all our whiteboards in-house, we can offer you a lot of flexibility, expertise and passion to design your perfect whiteboard wall.

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