Our products for Divider boards

Are you looking for an effective solution to flexibly separate desks and spaces? Legamaster has a range of mobile divider boards and desk dividers: from double-sided whiteboards to transparent plexiglass boards and desk dividers. These divider boards enable you to transform your office into a safe, user-friendly and inspiring workspace.

Choose the right surface
An important part of any divider board is the surface. While all surfaces are easy-to-clean, they each have their own characteristics and qualities:

  • Enamel steel
    A scratch-resistant writable and magnetic surface. Engineered to be bacteria resistant: the smooth, nonporous surface prevents growth and reproduction of bacteria and germs.
  • Lacquered steel
    A writable and magnetic surface.
  • Plexiglass
    A lightweight, transparent surface. The transparency of the product keeps the space light and makes continued communication between people possible.

Want to find out more about our divider boards?
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