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    For anyone returning to the office - no matter if you work in a small or large office space, 5 days a week or less - it is extremely important to have a workspace where you can find the right balance between focus and interaction with your colleagues. This was the case before COVID-19 and is still the case now.

    What is new however, is the need for sufficient personal space when we work in the same room with others. What is also new is the fact that a lot of teams that used to see each other face-to-face all the time, are now distributed teams where team members work in different locations. 

    To bridge the physical distance between people, we offer a wide range of personal workspace solutions that trigger creativity, boost interaction and facilitate collaboration – at a (safe) distance.

    Desk dividers

    Easily separate desks

    With the multifunctional ELEMENTS Desk Dividers, you can create your own personal workspace, tailored to your to do’s. This way you can make your own space work for you while collaborating safely with your colleagues.

    Another flexible solution to quickly create a secure setup in office spaces are the mobile divider (white-)boards of the Care & Share range. Take notes, share ideas and collaborate at a safe distance - right at your desk or during workshops and brainstorm sessions.


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    Whiteboards & glassboards

    Visualise your planning & ideas

    Being able to visualise ideas, make a quick drawing or a project planning on a whiteboard is something that is not only valuable in meeting rooms, but also at or near the personal workspace. Having a whiteboard near your own desk can help to have a clear overview of the to-do's for this week and next week, but also help to visualise your ideas during discussions or video conferences with your customers or colleagues.

    To match modern office designs and working methods, we offer a wide range of frameless glassboards and whiteboards like the stylish ESSENCE whiteboards with rounded corners or the BOARD-UP whiteboards that can be arranged flexibly to create a customized XL visualisation wall.


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    Always a whiteboard or flipchart at hand

    If you frequently change your work location within the office or combine it with working from home, you might want to try the static Magic-Chart whiteboard and flipchart foils that simply stick to any flat surface and can easily be (re-)moved when you are done. Not sure if a meeting room is available or do you want everyone to visualise their ideas at a safe distance from each other?

    Just take the Magic-Charts with you and visualise wherever you are. They stick to any door, wall or window by means of a static charge. Magic-Charts are available in different types and sizes (from 10x20 cm up to 90x120 cm), which can also be perfectly combined with each other.


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    Acoustic pinboards

    Keep the noise down

    People around you calling, talking or watching a video can be extremely distracting when you need to be able to concentrate on your tasks. Here, the BOARD-UP acoustic pinboards are an effective solution to reduce noise in (open) offices. Thanks to their PET core, they have a positive influence on the concentration, productivity and well-being in the office.

    In addition to the acoustic functionality, these elegant design panels are also pinnable. Simply attach notes, to-do's, drawings or your favourite pictures with push pins. The acoustic pinboards can also be perfectly combined with the corresponding BOARD-UP whiteboards to create a customized XL visualisation wall.


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    Bring your own accessories

    To be able to start visualising, you also need to make sure that there are enough accessories like markers, magnets, push pins and cleaning materials. You might also want to consider personal accessory sets for you and your team members. These have several advantages:

    • no need to share accessories with others
    • never worry if there are any accessories present
    • take your accessories with you to other locations, e.g. your home office

    Did you know we also offer a whole range of stylish and sustainable wooden accessories? Our range of WOODEN accessories include a wooden magnet, push pin, marker holder, accessory holder, whiteboard eraser and paper hook.


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