• Solutions for open meeting spaces

    Of course not all meeting spaces need to be encased in four walls. As collaboration takes place in many forms, the spaces that accommodate it should be diverse as well. Do you have open spaces near the coffee pantry, in your showroom or in your departments?

    Why not equip them with some comfortable furniture and flexible collaboration tools? Having a mixture of offerings gives your employees the flexibility to choose their preferred meeting space within the office depending on the planned activities.

    • Social distancing: Allow for enough space to keep a (safe) distance
    • Activity-based working: Provide mobile collaboration tools
    • Digitalisation: Real-time data at hand during any meeting

    Large meeting rooms Small meeting rooms

    Mobile boards & flipcharts

    Simply meet anywhere

    Since an open or flexible meeting space can be literally anywhere in your office building, it makes sense to facilitate different mobile visualisation solutions that can easily be moved to the chosen location. For this, we offer a wide range of mobile solutions that can of course be used for taking notes or drawing, but also to create a safe workshop setup where participants can keep a safe distance from each other.

    • PREMIUM PLUS range: Double-sided whiteboards, pinboards and divider boards
    • Flipcharts: One of the most flexible tools in any meeting
    • Mobile Glassboards: Stylish, double-sided and magnetic glassboards


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    Interactive touchscreens

    All data at hand during any meeting

    As more and more projects and processes are data-driven, it becomes critical to be able to access the real-time data during any (stand-up) meeting in any meeting space. To support this, we offer high-quality ETX Plus touchscreens with mobile stands that can easily be moved around. Simply open a digital whiteboard or share the content from your mobile device to the screen, fast and easy, in high quality resolution with the integrated AirServer technology.

    • ETX Plus touchscreens for brainstorming and fast data access
    • Mobile mounting solutions for smooth transportation
    • Wireless content sharing from personal devices with AirServer


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    Wall-mounted boards

    Create XL collaboration walls

    If there are certain areas in your office that are especially suitable for spontaneous meetings, why not equip the walls with a one or more wall-mounted whiteboards and/or pinboards? This enables teams to quickly visualise their ideas during a brainstorm or (stand-up) meeting. For this, the SPACE-UP collection, which includes whiteboards and acoustic pinboards in different types and sizes, enables you to create custom XL collaboration walls that perfectly fit your needs.

    • Create XL collaboration surfaces with a modern, frameless design

    • Mix & match different types and sizes

    • Combine with magnetic WOODEN accessories


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    Visualise on any door, wall or window

    The static Magic-Chart whiteboard and flipchart foils simply stick to any flat surface and can easily be (re-)moved when you are done. This offers optimum flexibility during meetings that are taking place outside the meeting rooms, because you can use any flat surface in the area to visualise your ideas on.

    Magic-Charts stick to any door, wall or window by means of a static charge and are available in different types and sizes (from 10x20 cm up to 90x120 cm), which can also be perfectly combined with each other.


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