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    The flexible home office whiteboard

    Do you want to set up your home office for productivity and be able to take notes, visualise your planning or make a quick drawing on the wall while working from home? With Magic-Charts, you have a whiteboard or flipchart at hand - anywhere you want and anytime you need.

    Magic-Charts are static sheets, which means that they stick without glue and there is no need to drill any holes. All you need is a flat surface, e.g. a wall, window, door or table and you immediately have a large writing surface where you can visualise your ideas or your planning.

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    Project Management

    Visualise your planning

    To find the right structure and stay on schedule, a visual reminder on the wall can be extremely helpful to stay on track when working from home. Adding checkboxes to the individual tasks can make it extra rewarding to tick off a task that you have completed. Besides your own work planning, you can of course also make a planning for your entire team or household.

    Does your planning change throughout the day? No problem - the Magic-Chart whiteboard is erasable. Do you want to create really neat tables and overviews? Choose the flipchart version with a pre-printed grid that makes it easier to draw straight lines.


    Have a remote brainstorm session

    Of course, staying aligned with your team members and customers is key when you work remotely to make sure everyone is on the same page. However, managing expectations, sharing ideas and giving status updates can feel more challenging via phone or video conferencing.

    Magic-Charts enable you to take notes on the wall or quickly sketch an idea that you can share via your webcam. If a new topic pops up, you can easily move the Magic-Charts and stick a new one on the wall. That way, you always have enough space to make drawings and take notes during your remote brainstorm sessions.


    Work wherever you want

    An advantage of not working in the office is that you are more flexible in the choice of your work space. Why not change your location and position throughout the day based on the tasks you are working on? With Magic-Charts, you can get away from the computer, work while standing and easily move to another room.

    Simply remove the Magic-Charts from one wall and stick them on another wall. Done for the day? Just move the Magic-Charts out of sight and turn your home office into your home again.

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