Making it easy to meet

    Over the past few years, we have seen rapid changes in where we work and how we interact. We no longer work in the office full-time, but rather choose a hybrid model where our working location is based on activities. The office is for many of us mainly a ‘social hub’, where we meet and collaborate. This leads to new demands regarding office spaces. Personal office space decreases, collaborative space increases. We have more spontaneous, ad hoc meetings and there is more demand for different types of collaborative spaces.

    With the LoopMeeting Room Panel it’s easier than ever to manage and make use of meeting room facilities.

    What can you do with it:

    • Book your room via your desktop or directly on the panel
    • Find a free meeting room immediately via color indication
    • Book other rooms that are available
    • Free up the room if the meeting ends early
    • Extend your booking if the room is available
    • Set a timeframe for confirmation of the start of a meeting to avoid waste of space




    Easy mounting for easy meetings

    The panels are easily mounted on any wall with a Vesa standard mount or with 3M double-sided tape on glass.

    LoopMeeting Room Panel is compatible with:



    Other functions
    Making it easy to manage your rooms

    • Report issues with room equipment
    • Integrate with sensors to show room air quality - CO2, temp, humidity etc.
    • Centralized configuration and management console.
    • Clean room notification ensures that meeting rooms are clean according to company policies.

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