06 June 2019   31445   6 min

Energize your meeting!

Heavy heads and yawning people... For almost an hour you and your team have been sitting in a meeting room discussing endlessly. The focus is gone and from the attitude of your colleagues, their thoughts have long strayed towards the weekend. Not an effective meeting...it is a waste of time, isn't it?!

Time to boost up the energy: time for an Energizer. Energizers are short activities that revitalize the energy during a meeting. Are you looking for fun ways to keep the attention in a training or meeting? In this article we like to share 5 energizers with you. 

1. Catch the Energizer

Everyone stand up, now throw (in a nice way!) a ball or another small object to meeting participants. Whoever catches the object gets the turn to speak and give his or her opinion about a matter. This way you lively engage the listeners and keep your participants alert as they might be surprised with the next turn to speak.


2. Visualize your message

Instead of using texts or verbally putting a message across, make use of the visual brain. Graphics drawn by hand help participants record information. Draw key points by hand as you present, using your imagination and different colours to engage and reach your meetings full creativity. Notes can also be sketched instead of written down. Making it fun and artistic.

3. Choose sides?

Which side are you on? Divide the room into two sides. The leader of the meeting will call out choices. Participants need to move to the side of the room of their choice. The intention is for participants to react quickly and go for their first impulse.


4. Let’s take this outside!

Are you in a small meeting? Choose to make it a walking meeting. Movement releases endorphins in your brain, making you feel good and improving your creativity. Walk around and help broaden each other's ideas and get minds flowing. Wave goodbye to simply staring out of the window and say hello to active collaboration.

5. Interact

Last but not least: Instead of having your participants listen to your message, make them a part of the meeting. Legamaster has all kinds of ways to help stimulate interaction. Think of the Emoticon magnets, which helps to instantly visualise status updates. Being part of the message leads to reaction and interaction and - before you know it - the session is flowing!

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