Discover how Google Services can transform your business and expand your growth potential. Dive into a world filled with endless possibilities to surpass your goals.



    EVOLVE 2
    Shaping the Future of Work with Smart Innovation

    The EVOLVE 2 by Legamaster marks a breakthrough in terms of intuitive operation and productivity in the workplace. It enhances brainstorming and collaborative team projects with an easily accessible menu and an efficient annotation tool. As a Google-certified touchscreen, it offers smooth integration with the Google Suite. With outstanding image and sound quality, a sleek design, and a future-proof operating system that secures the latest updates, EVOLVE 2 represents an intelligent solution for modern businesses.

    • Interactivity and Flexibility at the Highest Level
    • Seamless Integration of Google Services to Boost Your Productivity
    • Environmentally Friendly Technology Contributing to 1% for the Planet

    EXPLORE 2 + Google Certified Navigator
    A Leap into the Future of Creative Collaboration

    The EXPLORE 2 Touchscreen, combined with the Google Certified (EDLA) Navigator, breaks traditional boundaries and opens up new horizons of creative and collaborative work. Immerse yourself in a world where interactivity and cutting-edge technology go hand in hand.

    • State-of-the-Art Technology for a Revolutionary User Experience
    • Unlimited Flexibility with Access to the Google Play Store and Microsoft 365
    • Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly, Supported by Our Profit-For Strategy

    A New Era of Teamwork:
    How Google Services (EDLA) is Changing the Game

    From the innovative features of our solutions to another captivating topic: What is behind Google Services (EDLA)? In our latest blog post, we unveil the secrets and potentials of this technology. We warmly invite you to delve deeper into the matter and discover with us how these features will reshape the landscape of digital collaboration. Let us inspire you to transform your workday into a true experience.

    We Are Your GO-TO PARTNER for Future Work

    At Legamaster, we believe in a world where creative and collaborative work sets new standards. Our innovative solutions are designed to empower teams and create inspiring work environments that are both functional and inspirational. We aim not just to sell you a product; our goal is to excite you with our solutions, both digitally and analog.

    With our comprehensive service that includes personalized advice, local technicians, and long-term warranties, we go far beyond merely offering products and provide you with tailored solutions for your needs. As part of the edding Group and a supporter of the 1% for the Planet initiative, we place great emphasis on sustainability in every aspect of our actions, from production to disposal. We combine innovative technology with sustainable thinking to not only enrich your workday but also make a positive contribution to our planet.

    Are you ready to transform your workplace into an oasis of creativity and efficiency? Schedule a personal consultation with our experts and discover how we can reinterpret your daily work routine together.

    Legamaster - where innovative education meets responsibility

    Learn more about our efforts in data protection and our commitment to environmental conservation here.

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