• At Legamaster, we believe that the office will increasingly serve as a 'Social Hub'. Where you come to work safely together on projects, to have real contact with your colleagues and to keep the balance between home and work.

    With multifunctional ELEMENTS Desk Dividers, you can create your own personal workspace, tailored to your to do’s. This way you can make your own space work for you, while collaborating safely with colleagues working in their own personalized workspace.

    Three varieties to tailor your workspace

    Multifunctional ELEMENTS desk dividers easily separate desks. At the same time they allow you to make your own space work for you, by combining from three available varieties.

    The transparent board facilitates communication at a safe distance and keeps the workspace light. Combine it with Magic-Chart notes and divider tape to create a planboard.

    The double-sided whiteboard is magnetic and suitable for writing on with a board marker. You can also stick notes to it with magnets or use it with magnetic accessories.

    The double-sided acoustic pinboard helps to reduce noise levels, improving your concentration level. Information, pictures and notes can be pinned to it using push pins.

    ELEMENTS desk dividers are delivered complete with a set of FSC®-certified wooden clamps or holders



    Clamps to mount the ELEMENTS desk divider damage free on the edge of a max 48mm thick desk

    Holders to place the ELEMENTS desk divider freestanding on a surface

    ELEMENTS desk dividers


    Elements desk divider product overview 



    Combine and create a stylish workspace

    ELEMENTS Desk Dividers are designed to complete every modern workspace. They share their attractive appearance with our SPACE-UP, ESSENCE and WOODEN ranges and are therefore perfectly suitable for combining.

    Special colours that fit in every office

    The acoustic desk dividers have two standard colours, quiet grey and soft beige. There are also a number of special colours available. An endless choice of colours that fit in every office. For these colours, there is another price and delivery time. For the possibilities or questions, please contact your dealer.


    601 Soft beige614 Calm blue
    602 Cotton beige615 Denim blue
    603 Sandy beige616 Midnight blue
    604 Vintage brown617 Pearl grey
    605 Honey brown618 Quiet grey
    606 Oak brown619 River grey
    607 Almond brown 620 Silent grey
    608 Iron grey621 Warm grey
    609 Pure brown622 Rustic grey
    610 Radiant yellow623 Autumn brown
    611 Blazing red624 Navy blue
    612 Sparkling purple625 Lime green
    613 Marina blue 

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