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Mobile Glassboards

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Collaboration at safe distance

Making employees feel safe when they gradually return to the office of course means that a lot attention needs to be paid to personal space, safety and hygiene. At the same time, the office space should not lose its function as a social hub where employees meet, connect and collaborate. With the Care & Share range, you can easily transform your office into a safe, but also user-friendly and inspiring workspace.

While the modern dividers serve as a physical barrier to separate desks or spaces, they are also designed for visual communication so people can use them take notes and collaborate at a safe distance. Easily mix and match the different dividers to create the best setup for your office spaces. The possibilities are endless!

  • Safe workplaces: Easy-to-clean dividers
  • Collaboration: Designed for visual communication
  • Flexibility: Various options and sizes available
  • Meet anywhere: Flexible, easy-to-move equipment



Visualisation boards

At Legamaster, we are convinced that a divider board should be more than a physical barrier between people. While they must of course effectively limit the spread of germs and bacteria, they should not be a barrier between people. Instead, they should also fuel creativity and facilitate the interaction between people by supporting (formal and informal) information sharing, having a brainstorm and collaborating on projects.

That’s why we have designed the Care & Share range with divider boards and desk dividers that are versatile visualisation boards. While employers can provide a safe working environment and optimally care for the health of their staff members, the people working in the office can use the walls to take notes, share their ideas and collaborate with their colleagues – at a safe distance.

Writable surfaces

Double-sided whiteboards

The double-sided magnetic divider whiteboards are a perfect solution to create a safe environment for your (stand-up) meeting or brainstorm session. With these mobile whiteboard walls, you are able to meet anywhere and collaborate with several people at the same time at an appropriate distance. You can easily link several boards to quickly adapt any space to your needs.

These whiteboards can also serve as a protective divider wall between desks to increase privacy and reduce the risk of exposure. To visualise, you can write directly on the board surface or use magnets to attach paper, but you can also add a flipchart paper pad or make an overview with divider tape and Magic-Chart Notes.

Whiteboards are very easy-to-clean and especially whiteboards with a smooth, nonporous enamel surface can resist almost anything and prevent the growth and reproduction of bacteria and germs.


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Transparent surfaces

Plexiglass divider boards & desk dividers

The lightweight plexiglass divider boards and desk dividers are a stylish solution to separate desks and quickly create a secure setup in open offices or meeting rooms. The transparent, easy-to-clean surfaces ensure that your office spaces keep an open look & feel while your employees are optimally protected.

To visualise ideas, these divider boards and desk dividers can perfectly be combined with a flipchart paper pad, divider tape and the static Magic-Chart products that stick without glue.


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Bring your own accessories

Of course you also need accessories like markers, magnets and cleaners if you want to visualise on the divider walls. Next to a wide range of individual accessories, we also offer accessory sets so you never have to worry if there are any (clean) accessories at all.

After each use, we advise to immediately clean the surface by using an appropriate disinfectant like these disposable wipes that come in a handy dispenser. An alternative is to use a cleaning spray. For the best results, combine the cleaning spray with a Microfiber cloth to optimally clean the surface.

All features in one overview

Care & Share range

Product TypePREMIUM PLUS divider whiteboardPREMIUM divider whiteboardPREMIUM PLUS divider boardECONOMY divider boardECONOMY desk dividerBASIC desk divider
Surface materialCeramic Steel (magnetic)Lacquered Steel (magnetic)PlexiglassPlexiglassPlexiglassPlexiglass
Sizes (HxW in cm)150x120150x120150x100 | 150x120150x120 | 180x12065x80 | 65x10070x85
FrameMatte aluminiumMatte aluminiumMatte aluminiumAluminiumAluminiumFrameless
Board orientationHorizontal or verticalHorizontal or verticalHorizontal or verticalVerticalHorizontalHorizontal
Height adjustabilityAt two fixed positionsAt two fixed positionsAt two fixed positions---
Tool-free mountingYesYesYesNoNoYes
Included accessoriesFlipchart paper hooksFlipchart paper hooksFlipchart paper hooks---
Castors4 lockable castors4 lockable castors4 lockable castors4 lockable castors--

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