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    COVID-19 has caused a lot of changes in our daily lives. Regarding our work life, especially the collaboration and social interaction with colleagues has drastically changed.

    With people working partly from home and in the office - now and on the long run - the question raises: How can we keep facilitating human interaction and collaboration at a distance? And what does this mean for your workspace? What do you and your coworkers need to collaborate successfully when the entire team or at least a part of your team is working remotely?

    The challenge

    Collaboration at a (safe) distance

    No matter if we work from home or gradually return to the office, we all need to get accustomed to collaborating at a distance. This distance ranges from (at least) 1,5 m when collaborating in the same space with others up to 1.500 km or more when collaborating remotely.

    While this is no problem for some tasks, this can be a real challenge for other ones - like brainstorm sessions, workshops or (agile) team meetings. To bridge this distance and enable you to always get the most out your (virtual) meetings, we offer multifunctional and stylish solutions that trigger creativity, boost interaction and facilitate collaboration – at a (safe) distance.

    Working from home

    Upgrade your home office

    While we all get more used to working from home, there are plenty of moments where we miss the office. Especially the social interaction and the energy we get from working on a project with others, but also the professional equipment that we used to take for granted.

    Working from home - temporarily or more permanently - can be challenging in terms of planning, aligning and engaging with others. Here, our visual communication solutions can help you to collaborate successfully at a distance and solve common home office challenges. All these solutions are available in different types and sizes to perfectly match your needs and available space.


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    Working at the office

    Upgrade your office workspace

    Also for people who gradually return to the office, new needs arise regarding their personal workspace. The most important is the need for (desk) dividers to have a physical barrier between desks.

    At the same time, people want to be able to personalize their workspace and visualise their ideas or to-do’s. Other needs include the wish for privacy and good acoustics to be able to focus on the tasks at hand. Here, we offer a range of multifunctional solutions that solve several challenges at the same time - like our desk dividers and divider boards that can also be used for brainstorms and visualising ideas.


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