Time for a new system

In modern football, electronic and digital support is becoming ever more important. Increasingly, football clubs are using video analysis and software solutions. As the world’s most powerful, user-friendly software, the new Tango Sports - developed specially for coaching and (video) analysis in football - is revolutionary.


Unique video options


Unique series of features

In combination with a superior interactive e-screen from Legamaster, Tango Sports offers a unique series of features:

  • a digital whiteboard,
  • a football widget (formations, systems),
  • a drag & drop function for video images,
  • on-screen annotations,
  • simple frame captures,
  • slow/fast motion and zoom in /out.


Greater impact

The interactive use of digital data and images can significantly boost the quality and ensures:

  • coaching and tactical meetings quickly and easily
  • resulting in greater attention
  • engagement, memorability and impact among players.
  • it also means more effective training and coaching
  • leading to better performance and results.


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