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In modern football, electronic and digital support is becoming ever more important. Increasingly, football clubs are using video analysis and software solutions. As the world’s most powerful, user-friendly software, the new Tango Sports - developed specially for coaching and (video) analysis in football - is revolutionary.

Unique video options

In combination with a superior interactive e-screen from Legamaster, Tango Sports offers a unique series of features:

  • a digital whiteboard,
  • a football widget (formations, systems),
  • a drag & drop function for video images,
  • on-screen annotations,
  • simple frame captures,
  • slow/fast motion and zoom in /out.

Greater impact

The interactive use of digital data and images can significantly boost the quality and ensures:


  • coaching and tactical meetings quickly and easily
  • resulting in greater attention
  • engagement, memorability and impact among players.
  • it also means more effective training and coaching
  • leading to better performance and results.


Footballclub Feyenoord uses Tango Sport

“Why did we specifically choose for Legamaster?

We already had some good experiences with other products from Legamaster, but when we saw the possibilities of the touchscreens during a demonstration we were "instantly sold", states Michel Valke. “Besides it is important to us that our people really use the system and not only use the screen as a television. Leo Wieling (Country Manager Legamaster NL) did support us by giving several instruction sessions to the users within Feyenoord. Just to point out that Legamaster is a brand that really adds value.”


(Michel Valke, ex-professional soccer player and now 
Coördinator Videoanalist at Feyenoord)

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