Product knowledge is a valuable tool for success and performance

Anyone working with Legamaster products naturally wants not only to be able to make the most of the features they offer, but also to be able to explain and demonstrate them. For a specialist will always be taken seriously, which is why it is essential to have the right knowledge and expertise. We have organised three one-day LegaMasterClass training programmes designed specially for and available free of charge to Legamaster partners.

Who are they for?

LegaMasterClass training programmes are a knowledge tool designed to introduce our products to our distributors, dealers and installers as well as new Legamaster customers and new employees. And, it goes without saying, they will also benefit our own Legamaster employees within our various international subsidiaries. 

That’s service from Legamaster!



2 training programmes: Technical know-how and installation training

There are two different LegaMasterClass training sessions designed to give participants the technical know-how they need as well as show them how to install and operate Legamaster products effectively. We also take a look at the product group structure.

The expertise gained by participants will not only equip them with the latest technical knowledge, but will also enable them to install Legamaster products quickly and effortlessly, operate equipment without any problems and carry out effective troubleshooting.

The result: participants will be able to get the most out of their Legamaster presentation products, install them without problem and deliver important added value in terms of product support, sales and service. The training programmes can be attended separately. Upon completion of a training session, each participant will receive a LegaMasterClass certificate.  



A practical focus

The focus of the LegaMasterClass training programmes is very much a practical one.

  • The training programmes will be held at Legamaster’s head office, where all the necessary equipment is available.
  • The programmes will be taken by our own specialists, experts in passing on their knowledge in a clear, easy-to-understand way.
  • During each LegaMasterClass, we will also take time to discuss any experiences, problems and requirements that participants have encountered in practice.

More information about the training programmes

When? April|June|November 2017

Training for fitters and installers who install Legamaster's electronic products for customers.

Specially designed to give participants the skills and know-how they need in order to assemble and install Legamaster products. Participants will be able to install products quickly, easily and more effectively. Hardware components and troubleshooting will also be covered, enabling the installer to resolve hardware problems independently. Handy hints and tips for avoiding common pitfalls will also be offered.  

The Product installation training programme includes the following modules: 

  • Fixing materials 
  • Fixing an e-Screen and e-Board to a wall 
  • Mobile systems for e-Screens and e-Boards
  • Fixing a projector bracket and adjusting a projector 
  • Fixing a soundbar 
  • Fixing and adjusting side panels
  • Questions

When? April|June|November 2017

This LegaMasterClass takes a look at how to set up screens and boards correctly, including how to adjust settings. This training is aimed at fitters and installers who undertake technical work on Legamaster's electronic products for customers. Participants will also be taught about USB and cable technology and will learn about connection pitfalls and other surprises. Connection problems are often difficult to diagnose or predict. However, by learning how the technology works, participants will be able to identify, rectify and avoid problems with ease. Solutions will be demonstrated and explained during the session (e.g. solving problems simply by replacing a cable). As well as teaching participants how to carry out their work properly, this training programme also takes a detailed look at repairs and servicing. 

The Technical training programme includes the following modules: 

  • Explanation of product lines 
  • Technical design of e-Board Touch 
  • USB theory and practice
  • Practical examples and solutions
  • Troubleshooting, e-Board Touch 
  • Connecting and adjusting e-Screens
  • Questions and discussion

Data LegaMasterClass 2017 English

April June November
Technical training 18, 19, 20 20, 21, 22 21, 22, 23
Installation training 18, 19, 20 20, 21, 22 21, 22, 23


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